Effect of Social Media Product Reviews on Buying Decision When Presented in Augmented Reality

Prateek Jain, Adrienne Hall-Phillips, Soussan Djamasbi
International conference on HCI in Business, Government, and Organizations. HCII 2018. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 10923. Springer, Cham

Consumers are becoming dependent on online product reviews for making purchasing decisions. Although reviews are available directly on e-commerce websites. For better quality reviews consumers are using extensive resources like Google and Amazon. Social media could be a great resource for looking up product reviews as people post about their latest purchases on social media. However, it is hard to lookup reviews on social media and consolidate them. For in-store purchasing looking up reviews becomes challenging as there are very few reviews on in-store products. Consumers need to visit several websites while standing in front of the product to get reviews and consolidate all the information themselves to make a decision. Our proposed app will scan the product packaging, lookup reviews over different social media platforms, consolidate it and display reviews in augmented reality. Our results show that social media reviews are helpful in making buying decisions. Although augmented reality didn’t make a big difference in improving the usability of the app, consumers still showed a positive inclination towards it.